The last day of the year began as a clear frosty winter morning. The horses really enjoyed the dry cool weather. After breakfast they were walking around scratching the frozen ground with their front hooves for grass. They were totally relaxed and just loved to be groomed and cuddled.

Later in the evening the first sporadic fireworks began as the horses were eating hay up at the stable, they got spooked and ran down thirty yards in a fraction of a second, stopped and then slowly returned again. It seemed as if they could handle the situation without too much concern.

But at midnight whole hell broke loose. Enormous firecrackers exploded all around the sky in the distance. Some reckless neighbors up the road fired mega rockets with fire crackers on the other side of the small wood behind our stable. It was like a war zone for at least half an hour. The horses ran tight together back and forth in the corral after every explosion that lit up the sky and ground. We were concerned that they would break through the fence. When it was over, they stood still together and I walked up to them and tried to calm them. They seemed relieved but exhausted, looking at me with big sad eyes. Not the way we wanted to end 2011.

The next morning it was raining. At 0600 I went to the stable to feed the horses. They were still down in the corral and they hadn´t been near the stable at all. I laid out some hay in front of the stable and went down to see if they would follow me up to the hay. Rosie came first and Bluebell came after, they took a few bites but Bluebell was really uneasy, she gave me an irriteted look and even turned her back at me, then they ran down to the corral again. Windflower didn´t come up at all. I tried to lure them up with treats for fortyfive minutes without success, so I left. At 0930 I walked out and they still hadn´t come up, so I brought down the hay to the corral and they began eating without the usual gruff, they were looking really sad and tired.

At the afternoon Rosie and Wendy seemed to be fairly well recovered, but Bluebell was still jumpy and uneasy and she still had not recovered her trust in us. They were eating up at the stable, not as relaxed as before but clearly uneasy. In the evening they walked into the stable by them selves to eat some grain and hay and seemed much less concerned, but it will take some time and work before we are back where we started on the morning of new years eve.

To find enjoyment in simulating war rumble with fireworks, when one are fully aware that there are horses and dogs nearby, is either a severe criminal perversion or a medical disorder due to total lack of the slightest trace of empathy and cognitive ability so absolutely impossible to detect with any scientific method known to man, now or in the future.

Anyway we still have three of the best horses south of the north pole in our tribe, so we are still full of anticipation regarding this year!


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