Shared trust

Order is restored. The horses have been thinking things over this night down at the corral and set up a show for us. After breakfast Bluebell and Windflower walked in to the stable and gave a break-dance performance, rolling around in the litter. Rosie was busy eating leftovers.

After a quick nap in the corral and some “winter grassing” the horses held the daily horserace but in a new route, not just around the corral, but also a detour up the drove road to the stable, guess Windflower won the first heat. Alexandra got it all on film and will post it on YouTube tomorrow.

In the afternoon Alexandra worked the horses, while Marianne and I took the old Massey Ferguson out to prepare a foundation for the new dung pad. The Nokotas was watching us, hanging on the fence of the corral as close to the tractor as possible, amazing creatures those wild nokota mares.

We´ve never had any problem to catch them, just walk down to them and meet them half ways and focus, when they come up to you give them a gentle touch on their withers and the side of the neck, turn around, focus again, and they will follow closely. No need for halters and lead ropes and no wild chase.


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