No more rain, please

Today Bluebell has been in a really good mood giving us a lot of respectful attention, which has rubbed off to Windflower who has felt more secure around Bluebell. Rosie has been cool as always, nothing seems to bother that girl. This evening Bluebell and Windflower is resting inside the stable, while Rosie is having a snack on the front porch of the stable, guess there is a limit for how much rain even a Nokota can stand. Typical winter weather on the Swedish west coast with storms and depressions with rain or wet snow rolling in from the British Isles is not a funny business.  No wonder it was the bad harvests (read rain) that forced half of the population in this county (Fjaeroes socken) to emigrate westwards in the nineteenth century.

By the way, don´t miss the YouTube clip from yesterday’s casual horse race “Nokota racing”. It´s a screamer.


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