Why Nokota horses? – Part one

The qualities we were looking for regarding horses in general when we first made up our minds about getting horses of our own, was not at all easy to accomplish. We wanted horses with a healthy conformation for riding purposes, durable with strong hooves and legs, a personality that radiates calm, intelligence, courage and caution, both sensitive and faithful. In addition to that  we wanted an original not to say primitive degree of horse breed that ensures a natural horse behavior and a strong health, like a kind of Darwinistic adaption to it´s natural environment. And finally a beautiful and attractive appearance, horse wise. Quite round the bend unobtainable, but starting out on a low trajectory won´t get you to a target that might be out of range.

If you are going to spend most of your spare time and most of your spare money during the rest of your spare life with a horse, it´ll better be some horse. So we started our quest.

To be continued….

3 thoughts on “Why Nokota horses? – Part one

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  2. I commend you on the project — and your wonderfully written/researched/photoed blog! I’ve had the awesome privilege of raising now 4 generations (including my original pair) — primarily Arabian/Appaloosa/Shire but with Thoroughbred and Running Quarter folded into our original Matriarch, as well.

    Very few “horsepeople” have the luxury (tenacity!) of breeding, raising, training, riding, bonding and becoming family with their own extended herd. It takes massive commitment, resources, and frankly the Grace of God. So much is outside of our control!

    Please check out my horse blog: http://soulhorseride.wordpress.com/

    Another excellent horse blog you might like: http://horseandman.com/

    P.S. My wonderful grandma was Swedish (Zettervall) and it’s nice to be in touch with that part of my roots. 🙂


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