Why Nokota horses? – Part three

When our youngest daughter was browsing around reading about Andalusian horses on Wikipedia she clicked a link, but slightly missed and hit the “wrong” link. She ended up on a page about Nokota horses and a moment later she was hooked, found the Zeiglers homepage and got in contact with Emma. The next day or so she urged us to come and see what she had found, reluctantly we came.

At Easter a few months later Marianne and I packed the Toyota with children and dogs and drove a thousand kilometers up to the Zeigler family and their beautiful pasture near Örnsköldsvik. I´m not sure what expectations we had, but it was worth every kilometer and a thousand times more. Their family and their horses are amazing. To stand among them, in a sunlit pasture a mild spring day just a few days after the last snow had gone, surrounded with curious but polite Nokotas, was a wonderful feeling we will never forget. One horse even lay down on his back with his hooves up in the air asking Marianne to scratch his belly. That instant feeling of total trust we got for both horses and people was a very unusual experience.

Now we have been living with our own Nokota horses for 44 days. It would be quite presumptuous to propose that we know something about Nokota horses, but also a bit shy to say that we don´t know anything about some Nokota horses. For one thing the Nokota horses appearance and their attitude as a whole, is very hard to resist if you really like horses and I do not think there is any sane respectable person that can disagree on that.

“Yeah, they seem really nice, but can you ride them?” That is a question we have heard a few times from journalists, friends and other visitors. It is a good question to ask however, not unprecedented at all concerning a wild horse breed, but if we answer that with; “Yes but not yet, they are too young”, people might get a funny look in their face, probably thinking; “Well, you know, that is just like your opinion, man.” So how do we answer it?

We can´t give you a convincing answer unless we give you the longer version, so hold on here it comes…

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