Happy horses!

Bluebell Star, Windflower Dancer, Wild Prairie Rose, and Alexandra

A cold beautiful winter’s day and three happy horses playing. Thought that was a nice set for a sunday photo session.


Well, yesterday we reloaded the barn with 5000 pounds of hay and the horses stood watching every bale we tossed in, no wonder they are happy today. 

Windflower taking a look

How many hands high did you say she was, thirty?

Rosie, what a sweet gal!

Bluebell’s half sister Rosie in warm winter coat, looking sharp.

Bluebell Star - Blue Roan

A Nokota mare, as beautiful as they get!

Nokota mares in action

And she’s more than just a pretty face. Watch out, she’s gonna get you!

Bluebell Star - Nokota mare, blue roan, born 2008

Bluebell switching her black winter coat to a light summer dress. It’s early February and -10 Celsius, but I guess the swedish winter wasn’t cold enough.

Bluebell and Windflower - blue roan and red roan

Ain’t those Nokota horses mighty pretty against that white snow?


10 thoughts on “Happy horses!

  1. Wonderful photos ! Multiple horses including a 30h, 5,000 bales of hay, and a little snow, it just doesn’t get much better than that !


    • Hi!
      In summer the body gets much lighter with more white hairs, but the cannon bones stay black. Bluebells head also stays more blackish, as does her brand mark and some small scars. The hindquarters is the lightest.

      Rosie was born last year so this will be her first summer, her tail and mane has much silvery hairs even in winter so she will probably be lighter than Bluebell, they are both blue roans by the same sire.

      Windflower is a dark red roan, she is also lighter in summer except for her cannon bones that stay more blackish. Her sire is a blue roan so she also has some black hairs in her coat.

      We’ll post some more pictures as spring comes along…


  2. I run into so many blogs showing horses in need of rescue, it is refreshing to see ‘happy horses’. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 😉


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