Best time of the day

The girls; wife and daughters, spent the day at the Gothenburg Horse Show. They had a great time watching the European elite competing in show jumping.

It’s the biggest annual show jumping competition here in Sweden, with many international riders as well as the swedish Young Rider’s competition and other entertainment events. 

Visiting the big Eurohorse Fair in the same building is part of the show. It was a little too crowded for their liking and no really good deals.

In spite of all exciting events the day can be summed up by this;

The best time of the day was in the evening when it was time to give our Nokota horses the last meal of the day. No wind, relatively warm clear starlit sky, Orion in the south and the moon in the west with with a bright star underneath, no it’s Jupiter.

All silent except for one of the most relaxing sounds there are in this world; the sound of horses eating hay. Little dog sitting by my feet watching the horses. Big dog inside the house, sleeping on the couch.


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