Home of our horses

Wild Prairie Rose and her fellow nokotas are living with us at our ranch Sotardalen Nokota horses in Fjärås, built on grounds with a thrilling ancient history.

Fjärås is the name of a village that rests by a thirteen thousand years old moraine ridge that runs from north to south like a dorsal stripe through the landscape, formed during the end of the latest ice age. East of the ridge is the short end of a twenty mile long lake, Lygnern. West of the ridge is the atlantic ocean, but nowadays there is a flat farmland between the ocean and the ridge.

On the west slope of the ridge is Scandinavias largest grave field from the iron age (Wiking age). It is called Li and it harbours 127 Bauta rocks, one of them is almost 16 feet tall and is said to mark the grave of the Danish King Frode.

On top of the ridge runs an ancient road Via Regia (now called Gamla Gällingevägen and Förlandavägen), up until the seventeen hundreds it was the main road in the southwest of Sweden. It was the only way to get from Denmark in the south to Norway in the north, and the ridge was controlled by an ancient Scandinavian tribe, the Fjaeringar. They were known as far as by the Alexandrian scholar Ptolemaios in Egypt. The road ends at our house a mile and a half south of the lake and continues south as a horse trail through a forest.

Just fourteen years ago remnants of an ancient settlement was discovered half a mile north of our ranch, when the exploitation of a gravel deposit was expanded. Evidence of a large permanent settlement during the bronze age, and at roman iron age, was excavated. At least twelve longhouses could easily be recognized , One of the buildings was 55 yards long.

We intend to unveil more of the stories about this place and the horses as we travel through space towards summer.

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