Among friends

Bluebell, my father and Charlie the Springer

Bluebell Star, the proud lead mare is curious but cautious about visitors. Charlie, my father’s Springer Spaniel, is a well-trained tracking dog always full of energy, fear does not enter into his thinking, but when it comes to nokota horses he speaks wisely, using only small letters.

The best agreements are made without big words.

Wild Prairie Rose and Charlie

If you’d like to kiss me, it would be alright.

Humans, horses and dogs are known to make good friends, at times. As different as we may seem we have a lot in common. As we have evolved under similar circumstances (mammals living in herds) it seems as if we share the same body language to a large extent, making it possible to communicate without words. 

If a dog and a horse invite you to join their herd, isn’t that the best rating a human can get. Maybe the best discription of the human nature is made thru the eyes of a dog or a horse? So if we really want to know the world around us, we probably need input from more than one species.


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