It’s still winter

Wednesday evening after a windy day and now it’s snowing. A couple of weeks with clear skies, spring in the air and even a few green straws coming up, had us going for a while. Now winter is taking a last breath to teach us not to take anything for granted.

Horses don’t mind much, came strolling up from the corral for evening supper on the front porch, probably going inside for a nap tonight, but first a late evening walk to feel the soft snow under their hooves, let the wind tickle their coats and smell the last winter air in their nostrils for this season.

The wind, the faint light, the snow, the complexity of outdoor smells provides the horses with a lot of impressions, for all their senses. It makes them feel alive, much more alive than we’ll ever feel inside the comfortable house totally cut of from the outside world, busy with “important” pursuits.

Crazy idea; why not take the sleeping bag out for a night in the horse barn, anyone? ….Naaeh, maybe some other time.

Thursday at 06:30


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