Time for horses

Some may say; I have no time for horses. Consider this;

Why is it that at a memorable moment it feels like time is standing still, while at a stressful moment time is running away from you?

Einstein discovered that movement affects time. The experience of the flow of time is relative to your point of reference. Time and movement are two different definitions of the same physical property. At the beginning of time there was no movement. Without movement there is no flow of time. So what’s the hurry?

Tending to your horses is a timeless thing to do.

Spending time with horses is a way to relax and gain time. When both you and your horses are relaxed time flows slowly, so take your time while tending to your horses and you will get plenty of time for your homework.


7 thoughts on “Time for horses

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post “Pause”. I’ve always admired horses since I was young (back home on the east coast there’s always the running of the ponies from Chincoteague to Assateague that folks gather for) although I’ve never had the opportunity to work with them personally. This post was very Zen for me. Someone has told me I look like a horse when I run (coincidence).


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