Windflower Dancer – Nokota

Windflower Dancer, our dark red roan Nokota horse has got rid of a lot of winter coat, if not most of it, and she is very bright in her spring suit just like Bluebell. A few months ago she showed much less roaning and was mainly dark red. Typically for our horses, her cannon bones (lower legs) stays black. Her head stays dark red all year.

"Sleeping beauties" - red and blue

Windflower’s Sire is a blue roan and her Dame is seal brown. By Emma’s and Seth’s photos taken in North Dakota last summer, we suspect that she’ll be a little more dark red when the summer comes along.

She has grown during the winter and is now catching up on Bluebell. Her tail almost hits the ground.

“Wendy” as we call her is getting along real well with Bluebell now. On occasion they’ve even been seen grooming eachother. When they came to us in late November there was a little competition going on between them, but that was soon settled, so now they respect eachother. Bluebell likes to be the lead mare, and that’s fine with Windflower.

Our Wendy has the best of personalities. She is polite to her horse mates as well as her humans, as long as she is treated well and respectfully, if not she’ll let you know, just like your best buddy would. No hard feelings, just easy going and straight forward.

By the way, we have a clear sky tonight and when we look up in a western direction we see this; it’s Venus and Jupiter “close” together. Behind us are the horses chewing hay, real nice for a Monday.


2 thoughts on “Windflower Dancer – Nokota

  1. Out of curiosity, do you breed horses for resale? You seem to have young horses, so I was wondering if you raise them, not that I’m on the market. I am just being nosy. 🙂


    • 🙂 No we’re not selling and it’s a long story (but not too long) and you can read about it if you back up to the start of this blog in last December. A shorter version can be found under the above “Background story”-page. The Nokota horses are what you may call an endangered breed of wild horses from North Dakota. We are a growing number of fans that are crazy enough to believe these horses are well worth saving. Read more at The Nokota Horse Conservancy


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