Wild Prairie Rose – Nokota

Our baby girl Wild Prairie Rose, has now thrived thru her first winter and is getting ready for a warmer season. Last summer she was all black in her blue roan filly suit, except for her white blaze and some white hairs in her tail.

It will be interesting to see what this girl will look like when the spring coat is shelved in the back of the closet.

As you can see she has grown during the winter and has become quite a lady I must say. The heritage of Sharpie and Lucky Dust is clearly visible. One could almost be misled to believe there are some overo spots from her grandfather Wanblee hiding underneath that coat?

Her personality and temperament is wonderful. She is cuddly like a puppy but also very independent and self confident. Sometimes she can walk up to the horsebarn by herself for a snack of hay, while the other horses stand sleeping on the other side of the pasture. Bluebell is like a spare mother to her and Windflower treats her like a younger sister.

Some say that a big variation of coat color is a sign of weakness in a horse breed. A standpoint that can be questioned in a broader sense. The fact is that uniformity only gives an illusion of mere health and strength, while diversity always wins in the long run. That’s one reason why all species, subspecies, bloodlines and breeds in this world are so important.

Well, we should not judge the horse by its color, every horse is a wonderful living beeing no matter what color its coat is.


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