Sunny March

What a gorgeous day in March!

Horses lining up for hay picnic in the sunshine.

“Won’t be long until the grass in the summer field is ready to be eaten”, says Windflower.

“Hmmm, maybe so”, Bluebell mumbles.

“No training on sunny Wednesdays, that’s a new rule starting from today”, says Wild Prairie Rose.

Everybody likes the sunshine, especially Caesar the “wild” tomcat, a previously homeless skinny fellow who found us two cold winters ago and decided to stay.


6 thoughts on “Sunny March

  1. Looking at your blog, I have the sudden urge to go riding. The horses are beautiful as you already know. Switching gears, your kitty, Ceasar resembles my rotten, but well loved, critter, Kitty Monster. 😉


  2. Oh I wish we had sunshine here…snowed most of the day and rained….the ground is a soggy mess…so tired of gray days….as our my horses….love you kitty…and can not get over how much quicker your horses are shedding….i always thought your weather was colder longer but ours is this year. Thanks for sharing with a sunny bright post:)


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