Holiday’s coming up!

Easter candy for horses!

We’ve had several weeks of nice weather, no rain, no snow, only lots of sunshine. Nights have been a little colder though, with half an inch of ice at the top of the horses water tank and a frozen water hoze every morning. The pasture is beginning to shift towards green if you squint your eyes a bit and use some imagination. It’s real dry and there has been a warning for grass fires. Tonight there might be some rain according to the forecast, but it does look like a long shot to me with this clear blue sky.

Easter holiday is here and we all have some days off the rig, feels great! The days are getting longer as the light is coming back fast on this northern 57 degree latitude, so the dark hours every evening decreases rapidly, meaning the time to manage this blog is reduced.

Anyway I’ve been working on some writings about horse hooves in general and wild horse hooves in particular. Aim to publish it in manageable portions here at this blog during the holidays, preferably in the evenings (GMT+1). It’s an interesting a subject as well as it is controversial, so please return every now and then the next few days! Comments are wanted!


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