Addicted to horses

Wild horses are extremely dangerous!

If you get too close to them, you will never get them out of your life!


16 thoughts on “Addicted to horses

  1. Wild horses? I think any horse is addictive unless you cross paths with some crazy beast that’s been abused to the point that they are defensive, or who has a natural mean streak. There are a few horses that I’ve run across in my years that fit in either of the above categories, but not many. Although, Magi (the horse I had for 19 years) was a rescue horse, and it took me about six years to rid him of his nevousness and then, build a bond of trust. It was well worth the time and effort spent though. I ended up with a kind and gentle animal, that I proudly call(ed) a best friend and trail partner. It looks as though your ‘wild’ beasts are coming along very well. Keep up the good work. 🙂


    • Wild yes 😉 Then it’s true, the more work and emotion you put in a horse the more you are connected to them. A distant relative has been breeding Quarter horses all his life (he’s well over 80) and his mare Molly (in her late 20ies) was the meanest and toughest horse he’s come across, she came out the best he’s ever had, so he kept her for himself. Thank you for your comments!


  2. LOVE this shot….yes…you have it right…you are addicted to them but…they are so hooked on you because you are in their hearts…you are doing it right:):):) My hat is off to you!


  3. I LOVE it! ❤ you said, "Wild horses are extremely dangerous!..If you get too close to them, you will *never get them out of your life*!" –» how TRUE this is!
    {and ¤~Thank You~¤ for visiting & "liking" my blog-post,
    “*the Incredible Story of Survival and Compassion* of "hidden-star, Kitalpha" with her loving beau, *Bristol” }—about 2 of MANY very special wild Horses living on Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range (Montana /Wyoming, USA)!
    »now, I'm really enjoying Your Blog !


      • Totally Wonderful BOOK by a very *Uniquely Compassionate, yet “Warrior” of a Man! {who I am proud to call a (distant) FRIEND } R.T. Is a *great Author, too –you will Enjoy HIS Blog—he can leave you *Laughing (from sarcasm), *Crying, + *Angry & Determined* in just 1 post ! 😀 —enjoy!


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