A new weekend

The horses are advancing in a steady pace. When we saddle up Windflower she stands quiet without resistance, without being tied up, looking forward for some attention just the way it should be.

Alexandra can now stand up in the stirrups to let Windflower feel the shift of load, she is getting the hang of it, she does not look surprised at all any more. One of the first things she got accustomed to was things moving around her head, so that is no concern at all. Very soon it’s time to get mounted. 

The dandelions are  blooming so the spring is also advancing, even if this one was found on an unnatural “hot spot”.

The fruit trees we planted last fall are waking up, apple, plums and cherries.

The grass always seems better on the other side of the fence, one mystery horses has been wondering about ever since fences were invented. (I wonder if there will be a genetic predominance of horses with long necks and flat noses in a thousand years from now? 😉 Soon it’s time to open up the summer pasture, give it a couple of weeks so the grass has a chance to be ahead of the “herbivores”.

Bluebell Star has become a real lady and her temper and personality is as sharp and sweet as she looks. She is also advancing in her training at a slow but steady pace, not as easily as Windflower though, she needs to think more, not so suspicious only careful and thorough.

Our good neighbor south of our ranch are taking out the spruce timber that fell down during the storms last winter, a new (?) repeated weather standard the last seven years.

In the evening some clouds rolled in from the west as the sun was setting behind the forest.

And the horses finished their supper on the front porch in their usual places, Windflower to the left, Bluebell in the middle and Wild Prairie Rose to the right. Funny how horses and humans share the same compulsive liking of habits and procedures, it’s probably something about the herd life.


5 thoughts on “A new weekend

  1. I love your methods of bringing your horses along, rather than ‘breaking’ them. You’ll have a much better horse in the end by taking it slowly. 🙂 Beautiful photos. 🙂


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