Horses on a string

Now it’s been five months since three Nokota horses moved in at our ranch. A few days ago they lined up for a photo, as it happened positioned exactly the same way as in another photo we took on new years eve, four month ago.

Wild Prairie Rose (2011) closest to the camera, Windflower Dancer (2010) in the middle and Bluebell Star (2008) in the background. Rosie still has a lot of spring fur left, but Wendy and Bella are dressed for summer. The Nokota horses are special because they are adapted for the most extreme of inland climates; very cold winters and hot dry summers. The winter coat is as thick as the coat of the islandic horse, the summer coat is as slim as the coat of a desert horse.

They really like to play in snow and they love hot dry summer days. Yesterday evening the rain finally came after several weeks of drought, so now the grass is “stampeding”. Guess what the horses have been doing today. Running around in the rain and rolling around in the mud? No they have been standing inside the horse barn looking out, complaining about the swedish weather 😉

29th of April 2012

31st of December 2011


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