Good times ahead

Another long-weekend is coming up and life on the ranch is just great. The horses are enjoying every minute of their first spring in Sweden. The weather’s been perfect for both horses and grass, some rain some warming sunshine but not too hot. It’s also been perfect for some insects and then I’m speaking of the Swedish “knott” or what you may call midgies. The horses obviously don’t lik’em, but they’ve already figured out that “knott” only stay out in the open (don’t know why), they never fly into the stable. 

So now there’s more reasons for the horses to like the stable. It’s also nice for the horses to sleep laying down flat on the side on the cozy bedding of clean dry peat, while one pair of barn swallows pay a visit and the rain is pooring outside, or while the sun is shining for that matter. Since the horses can go in and out of the open stable free of choice any time, we know they love their own hideout. 

When mucking out the stable we can walk around the sleeping horses without bothering them at all. Hard to believe that they were basically unhandled wild horses less than a year ago.

Soon the horses will have their first grazing out on the summer pasture and that´ll be some party I don’t wanna miss. They are grazing every straw they can find in the corral and we have been giving them a few handfulls of fresh grass every now and then, in addition to their daily meals, so we know that releasing them out on the summer pasture will be appreciated, to say the least.

Today we even saw the cat and our Cocker Spaniel standing side by side eating fresh grass!


3 thoughts on “Good times ahead

  1. We have a bit of land in Southern Colorado where we want to build. My wife wants to get at least one horse. I’m not opposed, just hesitant. Think I’ll refer her to your blog for insights! Thanks


    • Hesistant is a wise approach in many issues.
      Living with horses is on of those things one must do at some point in life and it definately fills a need in a human soul, its in our genes.
      Wisely arranged it will not be as much work as one might fear. Getting the right horses is crucial, but I’m sure you’ll solve that with some wise consideration. You should get at least two horses, since the herd is everything for a horse.


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