Mounted on Windflower


Today Windflower Dancer was mounted for the first time, but twice. This is from the last time down in the pasture, with Marianne behind the camera.

Alexandra mounted her bareback and she was a little tickled when Alexandra got up but as soon as Alexandra was in position and she felt the balance she calmed completely and just stood there quiet as a cavalry veteran. What a gal!


11 thoughts on “Mounted on Windflower

    • It truly is! Windflower is only two years now, so it will take some time before we let her do any longer walks, but it’s good for her to get a nice feeling for it.


  1. What a Beauty she is ! Sounds like you (or Alexandra) have found an Excellent Partner in Windflower 😀
    Congrats on some great & patient *training !


    • Thank you 🙂 It’s time well spent not to force it when it comes to horses, they need time to get to know you before they feel comfortable to open up to a “predator”, and I don’t blame them. 🙂


    • Thank you Seth! They took a five-step-walk today, still very cool. Bluebell is next, but she is still a little reserved, more interested in grass right now. Hope you’re all having a great time!


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