Flashing news!

Bluebell was very good at accepting blankets, saddles and tack last winter, but then she got spooked just one time and that was it; she told us “no more $#¤&* on my back thank you!” So we moved on to Windflower and she learned fast, or more correct; she taught us how to ride on her back.

When Alexandra returned from town today she asked me; “I think I can mount Bluebell today”, so we went down to the pasture.

Rule no 1.

A proud Nokota mare like Bluebell wants us humans to do things straight, the Lakȟóta way; no halters, bits, saddles or other fancy stuff. Bluebell decided not to make a big deal out of it, so Alexandra just mounted up, I say no more!

Some horse experts might consider Bluebell a dangerous horse and would never ever mount a horse that’s not properly subdued to accept all kinds of tack, but this is different.  Nokota horses are known to think twice before they do anything hasty. I have  never seen a more calm and focused horse (and girl). This is how a quite safe first mount should be.


7 thoughts on “Flashing news!

  1. åh, vad roligt att se! Bra jobbat!! Ser ju hur lugnt och fint ut som helst. Här har vi också tagit ett nytt steg i utvecklingen; Yrsa gick just några steg, för första gången sedan den där dagen för någon månad sedan. Kanske både hon och Bluebell bara behövde lite betänketid 😉


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