A summer update

Now it’s been a while since the last update on the Nokota horses here in Sotardalen. In the spring one is looking forward to some lazy summer days, but Summer tends to get more busy than expected. July has been unusually cold, rainy and windy. Nobody really wants to sit in the shade anymore.

The weather has been good for the pasture though and the horses really like the taste of wet fresh grass. On top of that, the biting insects gets washed away, another plus if you ask the horses.

The walk-in-stable is popular among the horses as usual. If we can’t see them in the pasture they are inside the stable taking an afternoon nap, it never fails.

Sometimes it’s like a kindergarten, all kids are sleeping both human and equine.

Here’s a morning meeting, drawing up the schedule for today’s activities. Not everyone is paying attention, but we’ll take it as we go along.

This time of year the hooves are growing a little faster and the ground is soft, so we need to do some light trimming of Windflower’s front hooves. Otherwise all these wild horse hooves are doing just fine.

Lately we have been trying a bosal on Windflower and Bluebell. It works fine with just a halter too, but a bosal is a good way to increase or emphasize the signals to make it easier for the horse to understand what we mean. A Hackamore would be an alternative, but it is more critical to get a good fit with a Hackamore, while a bosal is more forgiving when it comes to fitting.

Wild Prairie Rose is giving her half-sister Bluebell Star a helping “hand” to demonstrate how the bosal works 😉

Rosie, our yearling, has changed a lot the last two months. She has gone from a cozy child to a young lady with an attitude. Maybe it is the wild heritage from her mother, the matriarch Lucky Dust, that is beginning to shine thru.

She is a very nice and friendly horse, but she is also ambitious and really likes to play games. Windflower is doing a good job to teach her some good manners. What Rosie is missing is a couple of fillies and colts in her own age to boss over. It’s a good thing that she has ambition, but she needs to know how to gain respect without making enemies and that is what we are working with right now, assisted by Windflower.

Windflower still has the best of personalities, a wonderful horse, easy to work with. She is only two years old and like all wild horse breed Nokota horses needs time to mature, even if Nokota horses has a stronger bone structure than most. We are taking it slow as usual giving Windflower time to build muscles. Her balance under saddle is improving every week.

It is wise to put in a lot of extra time for both horse and rider to get the balance of the combined mass flowing with ease. If the combined feeling of balance is weak, no other training is doing any good.

Bluebell is still cautious and needs more time to accept changes than Windflower does, but Bluebell will be a very good companion out on the trail when she is ready. She pays attention to her work and is very eager to understand how we humans think, which I admit must be very mysterious and illogical to a horse.


10 thoughts on “A summer update

  1. Absolutely lovely photos. I love how I am getting to know them and you through your posts. It is like I am there with you! Hugs and thanks for sharing again! The hugs are extended to everyone, not just the horses! ;-D


  2. It just dawned on me that I haven’t seen you post for a spell. I see you sure got your hands full this summer. I suspect the blog will come when you have more time. Just wantin’ to say I miss it. 🙂 JW


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