Weekly photo challenge – Solitary

One beautiful young horse, Wild Prairie Rose, a Nokota horse born 2011 in North Dakota, daughter of Lucky Dust born wild and free in the little missouri badlands.


4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Solitary

    • 🙂 Rosies mother was removed from the Theodore Roosevelt Nationalpark 2003 and now lives in Linton at the Kuntz and the Nokota Horse Conservancy. The Nokota horses are very trusty and curious by nature and they grow into very trusty and smart horses. Thanks for your comment.


      • ours was an arab that we only had for the summer, she never got over that wide eyed terror — we had to give her back to her owner who could let her run free on her ranch.

        love your posts, hope you will post more.


  1. Rosie’s mother, Lucky Dust, was removed in the 2003 roundup when she was 7 years old, which is still a fairly pliable age, but she was born into one of the wildest bands remaining in Theodore Roosevelt National Park at the time… to parents and amid peers who had grown up and lived through some of the very hard times when the horses there had to be vary wary and alert to stand a chance of survival. So we have given Lucky Dust a wide berth, so to speak, at the Kuntz ranch, where she remains rather wild in the big pastures and prefers to keep a lot of distance between her family and any intruding bipeds. Thus, even after 8 years of life on the ranch we didn’t feel safe containing her in the quarantine corral, which is only about 23 meters in diameter, so Rosie was “weaned” during the beginning of the quarantine, and this gave us a great opportunity to fill the void with lots of friendly human interaction, which our friends in Sotardalen have built upon far more and more wonderfully still 🙂 We are so happy to see and hear of her and know that she is in the best of hands!


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