Autumn is coming up…

The last two weeks has been incredibly rainy and windy. Our horses normally enjoys walking and dancing in the rain, but this is too much even for them. They have been standing under the roof at the front porch of the barn looking out over the soaking and muddy pasture, eating hay and dreaming of taking a nap on sun baked summer grass.

This time of year is challenging for horses. It’s getting wet and cold, days are rapidly getting shorter and the grass out on the pasture is not tasting as good as it used to. Lucky we got the barn full of nice and fresh hay. 

We’ve been working on the next part of the blog series “on feeding horses”, this time it will be about minerals. The deeper one digs into this subjeect the more difficult it gets. Return tomorrow  evening and it will be posted and we hope you will find it enlightening 🙂


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