The first year

Last friday one full year had past since three horses came to us and blessed our lives. As we were going thru the good memories, we stumled over some photos. Here are some of the highlights.

The last days in May was probably the finest, as the horses were let out on the green summer pastures. There is something with horses and green fresh pastures that must be experienced, first hand, over and over again.

And the progress Alexandra made with Windflower Dancer was something to remember for sure. A universal connection one species to another.

A girl and her horse enjoying springtime – can it ever be much better than that?

Yeah well the half-sisters Wild Prairie Rose and Bluebell Star had a great year too. Bluebell really took her part in helping her baby sister to higher levels. Without the steady and calm influence by Bluebell as a substitute mother, Rosie would never had grown into such a sweet young lady horse.

Bluebell proved her courage many times and she is the sweetest horse one can ever have the privilege to call a true friend.

The horses has settled down nicely in their new home and they are still the same cool wild hearted and unbroken Nokota horses they were when they came to us.

The only thing that can be told about what the future has to offer is that next year will be much better still, that’s a promise 😉


9 thoughts on “The first year

    • Yep, Bluebell got the Z4-brand at the Kuntz ranch in Linton ND, it’s an old brand from the HT-Ranch situated in Theodore Roosevelt National Park ND. HT-Ranch was owned by AC Huidekoper in the late 1800′s.


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