Cold but warm

mwerner 431

When temperature goes below freezing, the ground becomes firm, not sticky and wet. The Nokota Horse’s coats gets fluffy and warm, the top layer is no longer wet and messy.

mwerner 011

The surface temperature at a Nokota horse’s coat is well below zero, but less than an inch underneath the skin still holds body temperature.

mwerner 183

Appaloosa? -No a warm red roan Nokota with fresh cold snow

Cold fresh air is denser, every breath contains more oxygen atoms, it is vitalizing. The brain sharpens and senses waken.

mwerner 024

The light under the icy blue sky is weak but polarized and distinct. Ideas radiates from one brain to another, from horse to human, from human to horse. Together we smile.

mwerner 055

Matter is energy.

Matter wants to clump together and transform into energy.

Energy wants to achieve equilibrium, so it spreads out using two tricks; convection and radiation.

mwerner 094

Convection needs a medium, like air or water, to rub off heat from one atom to another. In space between planets and stars, there is no convective medium, only radiation.

mwerner 443

Radiation is photons, mysterious waves of tiny energy packages susceptible to gravity, rushing thru space at three hundred thousand kilometers per second. Depending on wavelengths we call it radio waves, micro waves, infra red light, visible light, ultra violet light, x-rays or gamma-rays. The result is a flow of thermal energy, from a warm place to a cold place.

mwerner 100

At night when our home is faced away from the sun and in winter when the sun is very low even at noon, the warm Earth radiates heat out into cold space.

mwerner 509

Clouds of water vapor may absorb some of the convective heat, reflect and scatter some of the radiation and regain thermal energy back to the atmosphere and to the ground.

mwerner 482

At cloudless days and nights nothing much, except greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide, reduces the heat loss, so the temperature here on the ground drops.

mwerner 458

Tough horses like it cold as well as hot, just like some girls like Jupiter as well as the Sun.

mwerner 035


10 thoughts on “Cold but warm

  1. All look great, very good to see 🙂 Wild Prairie Rose’s size surprised me… i still see her in my mind as a foal but that was long ago now 😀


    • Hej Seth! They all stand the same height now, more or less… they grow fast, also mentally. Rosie is a very special horse, she got a good start thanks to you 🙂
      Hälsa familjen!


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