One winter’s day…

Wild Prairie Rose

Yesterday we had a fine day and the Nokota horses enjoyed a refreshing snowfall. The temperatures are rising and the snow covered ground begins to thaw and the frost on the trees is melting. Rosie was alert and in good spirits as always, and Bluebell hooked on.

Bluebell Star

An hour before lunch they decided to take a stroll down to the lower pastures near the woods to look for some winter snacks, “wild horse style”. Wendy invited us to come along, so I followed…

Windflower Dancer


4 thoughts on “One winter’s day…

    • 🙂 And pictures hardly make real justice to horses, the perspective can lie a lot. Alexandra made an approximate meassurement of the horses today, Bluebell 150cm, Windflower 148cm and Rosie 138cm, it gives some clues. Above all their muscles are more than we are used to see on the average swedish ponies and it shows when they start playing and running that it is not only for show, they are really strong horses.


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