Cold clear days

0werner 193

It’s strange how time seems to runaway; January is already moving to a close. We’ve had some clear blue skies and cold days a couple of weeks, but also some snow since these photos was taken. Despite the season it is quite good light conditions as long as the moon is almost full and the snow is there to reflect the light; somewhat unusual for these parts of Sweden where fairly mild and pitch dark winters are more familiar. To feed the horses a cold evening under a moonlit sky in a snow covered landscape makes all the difference; these moments are really something to cherish.

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The horses are very calm, even if they also do some playing and racing across the pasture every day. Evenings and nights are often spent up at the stable just relaxing under the porch roof. The snow makes it easy to care for the horses and the pastures are protected by the frost. Horse training is running on a moderate pace on weekdays, but weekends are all about horses.

2werner 123

Days and weeks roll by, but not unnoticed. Last weekend we took a few trips to bring home some more hay to fill up the barn again. As usual Bluebell, Wendy and Rosie stood watching and drooling, as we were tossing the bales. They seemed pleased to know that the food supply is salvaged.

8werner 252

In April Monty Roberts is coming to Sweden for a clinic, at Flyinge in southern Sweden. That might be something to look forward to, so we’ll think about that.

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Later this week or so, we will make a post about the wolves here in Sweden. It will be fun to throw in some firewood at that campfire. There are about 300 wolves in the country and lately single wolves have strayed along the west coast, as close as ten miles from here. About twenty sheep has been killed at two farms in the area this month.

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Few, if any, horses have ever been attacked by horses in modern times here, but since it is very unusual to keep horses outdoors 24-7 during the winter season here in Sweden, it is not easy to know what to believe about the risks horses are facing. Anyway, the whereabouts of wolves, as well as other protected predators as bears and lynxes, have been a hot subject in northern Europe from time to time, the last couple of decades.

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3 thoughts on “Cold clear days

  1. Wolves are a hot subject over here in Montana as well. There have been a couple incidences where a wolf has killed a horse. As I recall, one horse was chased into a fence and died, the other was cornered by the wolf pack and killed. But for the most part they prey on calves, and sheep if they do get in trouble with livestock. For the last couple of years, Montana has had a hunting season for wolves.


    • Then we got some in common with Montana 🙂 though most horses here are pretty much locked up at night so they rarely risk any encounters with wolves. And we do got lots of moose in the woods for the wolves to feed on. Thanks for your comment and keep up the good work at the Prior Mountains!


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