Prehistoric stirrups and spurs

werner 006

Some of us visited family and friends in Stockholm the other weekend. A nice detour to Uppsala was just one of the highlights. Uppsala is a beautiful town built on ancient history.

werner 020

The town centre with its waterways and tasteful old architecture is definitely one of the nicest in Sweden.

werner 019

Gustav Vasa, the first king of Sweden, is buried in the eight hundred year old church, one of the biggest churches in northern Europe.

werner 015

Just north of the city centre is the site of Kungshögarna; the epicenter of prehistoric Swedish civilization, symbolized by three giant manmade grave hills, one thousand five hundred years old, surrounded by almost three thousand minor graves from the same period.

werner 022

Next to these hills is a museum. That’s where we found them; a pair of stirrups and spurs from around 400 AD, along with other archeological findings. It seems like horses were very precious for some ancient Scandinavians once; so important that they even brought their riding gear to the final rest.

werner 035

6 thoughts on “Prehistoric stirrups and spurs

    • Indeed 🙂 A guess would be their horses were similar enough to the Icelandic Horses of today, which have not changed much since Iceland was colonized around 800AD. On the other hand there was probably a good mix of horses all over Europe even then.


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