Embraced by the evening sun

werner nokota 163

The soft light from the setting sun makes Windflower’s red roan coat sparkle. Even if the temperature is below freezing her coat feels warm and it is obvious that she enjoys this moment like no other.

werner nokota 167

Sitting down beside the horses, leaning my back against the barn wall, gazing at the sun with eyes closed and listening to the hypnotic sound of horses slowly chewing their hay is the kind of moment that is worth anything and everything.

werner nokota 187

There are no fuzz or quarrels among the horses, they all relax and just enjoy being horses, smiling toward each other. A perfect end of the day and a nice weekend to look forward to.

werner nokota 199

As the sun goes to rest below the trees the horses finish their supper. The chewing eventually stops gently with some quiet sighs and they fall asleep standing close together on the front porch, sleeping lightly. The cold winter air sweeps in from the pasture below and I begin to shudder, must have dozed off for a few minutes 😉


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