The Sharpie sisters

werner nokota 095

Watch closely, do you see both of them? Both of them are by Sharpie, who belongs to the Zeigler family. Wild Prairie Rose is the youngest of the two, she likes her big sister very much. Bluebell is a very cool and extremely polite horse, but she can also teach Rosie some maners as she sometimes gets overexcited playing with Windflower Dancer, our red roan Nokota.

werner nokota 096

When its time for hay up at the barn, we alway sweep the front porch before we serve their meal. Rosie is usually fooling around and standing in the way for us, but Bluebell helps out, by kindly keeping Rosie off the porch. Bluebell knows that the sooner we can finish sweeping the sooner the hay will be served!

werner nokota 094

The spring is still waiting around the corner, half of our pasture is still covered by snow, must be some record. Funny how the horses seem to prefer to stay on the snow. Rosie spent some time this morning chasing a couple of crows who were trying to find some food in the field, they both got away.

We’ve all been busy the latest weeks. Our oldest daughter has been attending the finals in the national exhibition of high school science projects. She won a scholarship for the Research Science Institute at MIT in Boston this summer! While our youngest daughter will begin high school this fall at a special horse program! So there is much going on even off pasture.



9 thoughts on “The Sharpie sisters

  1. I was looking at the first photo and was wondering why it looked like there were two sets of lips! Then I read….great shot!

    Major kudos for your daughter! What a great honor! You must be very proud of her! MIT is big time! Please give her our congratulations, job well done! – B


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