Wonderful April


Just a few days ago, March 28th, the North Dakota House of Representatives voted “YES” to Resoulution 4011, “a concurrent resolution urging the National Park Service to recognize the historical value of the Nokota Horse and provide for its appropriate management in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.” A great victory for the Nokota Horse and the NHC! So now the Nokota Horse is at least officially recognized which gives the NPS both responsibilities and rights to keep Nokota Horses as Nokota Horses, not just a mixed herd of anonymous feral horses. Maybe it opens up for a future reintroduction?

Well done NHC!


We must take the opportunity to thank the bloggers Serenity/Heather-Joan and BlueFairyPipeDreams/Eira for awarding us with the Versatile Blogger Award πŸ™‚ We should return to that in a proper blog post.


It is nice to be able to groom and look after horses who doesn’t need to be tied up, but feels relaxed and assured that some humans are a lot like horses. No need to chase these horses around the field, just bring the halter and they come walking, knowing it is nice to chat with humans and get the latest news over an apple and a bucket of cold fresh water.




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