The Wild Bunch

werner nokota 346We are Nokota horses. On hot summer days we graze out in the field all day, but when the bugs gets too annoying we take a siesta and hang out by the front porch at our barn, away from the sun, away from the bugs. We accumulate a lot of raw energy from all that resting and grazing. Late in the evening when the sun gets below the tree tops, or on any cloudy day like yesterday, we turn up the heat and show our real colors.

werner nokota 379

This is five year old Bluebell Star, a full-blooded Traditional Nokota© Horse and she runs this outfit. Her first three years of her life she spent in North Dakota at the Kunz family ranches, where she learned a lot from her mother Black Spotted Socks and all the other Nokota horses. She is a proud blue roan and perfectly aware of her beauty.

werner nokota 384She is the calmest and most trusty of horses, steady as a rock but also a bit shy, but make no mistake; underneath that calm facade unimaginable powers lurks. When her face switches expression she takes the lead.

werner nokota 352To catch her picture with a camera is not easy, it takes a fast well-oiled shutter, patience and a truckload of luck. She seems to like the camera though, so she gives us many chances.

werner nokota 349Bluebell’s friend is the three-year-old red roan Windflower Dancer. She is also very cool as a typical Nokota horse and very self confident. Bluebell can be a bit jumpy at times, probably because her mother taught her to be careful and always look out.

werner nokota 374

Windflower is a quiet horse and easy to work with and loves attention, but she demands respect. I am convinced she can read thoughts so one must keep ones mind quiet when working with Windflower and with the right approach she welcomes you to her world with a big Little Missouri badlands grin.

werner nokota 366Wild Prairie Rose is our youngest, she is two summers. She came to us as a small filly freshly weaned from her mother Lucky Dust who was born in the wild and removed from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in 2003.

werner nokota 358Her beauty is impossible to catch in a photograph. She is a light blue roan, but her appearance bear witness of many fine ancestors in a colorful past. Because of her young age when she joined our family is very attached to us, but she is also a “teenager” and has a wild soul, able to switch temperament with the situation. A wonderful horse friend both competitive and safely calm.

werner nokota 388

This was a summer postcard from the Werner family in Sweden, we hope you enjoy the look of these wild horses from the northern plains. The horses are here in Sweden to stay and in the future there will hopefully be many more. Together with their relatives in Linton North Dakota they make up an endangered breed of horses.

Visit The Nokota Horse Conservancy to read more about them and the work to save them.


24 thoughts on “The Wild Bunch

  1. Beautiful! I agree, it’s so tough to photograph the nuance and action that our “eye-cameras” see. Great job here and nice descriptions of your lovely herd!


  2. I love these pictures. I’m wondering if you would let me use your images for a painting or two. I won’t take your composition, I’ll combine the horses/poses into a larger herd. Please let me know if that would be okay. I’m planning an art show of equine subjects, “High Point,” a play on words for an art show in Colorado, (high point), the competition award, the feeling you get when all comes together after a ride, (high point of my days), and of course, our show will be the high point of the art & horse season.


    • You are so kind Eira and you have followed them from the start so you have seen the changes. Hope you are home safely on the Big Isles after your great adventure.


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  4. What a great series of wonderful photographs updating us about your Nokota© Horses. And, Bluebell Star is certainly the spunky one leaving a trail of dusk during her race with Windflower Dancer.


  5. These are stunning shots as always, of your beautiful horses. I love to see all that frisky energy being danced and run out. They look so beautiful caught in motion like this, and each one sounds as though they have a delightful and unique personality. They seem to especially like running through that dusty gap in the fence 🙂


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