Theodore Roosevelt National Park Wild Horse Stampede Shows Horses to be Healthy

Of course they are fat and healthy, only 211 horses on 46 158 acres! If the pregnancy rate is 90%, how come there has only been 26 foals a’ year in average the last four years out of maybe 80 mares ? The foal rate is 32% not 90%! After this removal this populations calculated growth rate is 6,4% and it will take 12-15 years until the population has recovered. “Rapid reproduction”? Is it deliberate lies or incompetence? Probably both.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Lauren Donovan of the Bismark Times

Funds Needed to Save Horses from Slaughter Auction

FRYBURG — Jason Bruemmer rather indelicately probed mares with names like “Little Brother’s Girl” and “Cheyenne,” pulled off his long yellow glove and like the doctor he is, delivered the news.

The mares among the wild horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park have a 90 percent pregnancy rate. The good news is that they are spectacularly healthy and so are the stallions; the bad news is that the rapid reproduction means another horse roundup and auction probably can’t be avoided.

The park roundup was in its third day Tuesday and 150 of the park’s 211 horses had been driven by helicopter into the corral and handling facilities on the park’s east side.

The handling and sorting process was quiet. Human voices were muted and a new hydraulic chute minimized the clanging and whinnying sounds of…

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