Jethro’s Nokota® Ruminations vol 1:1

This is so good, a must-read for every horse and her closest humans. And the photo of Luck and Wild In the next post 1:2 I can never see enough of 😀

Djuptodal Nokota®hästar


Jethro, after the “Beverly Hillbillies” character, was an early nickname Frank and Leo gave me because of how I sprang all over their pastures euphorically identifying (and tasting) plants, papering horses, fixing fence, etc with an ear to ear grin.  So I chose “Jethro” for this newsletter because I want it to be obvious that what I write is totally and exclusively my own and although influenced by many certainly not meant to be presented as the view of any other.  I am a board member and jr. VP for the Nokota® Horse Conservancy and my goal is to help the Nokota® effort, as I am utterly convinced that this unique imperiled population has a heck of a lot to offer future generations, and a lot of what I will discuss here has been prompted by Nokota® questions and conversations, so please feel free to ask…

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2 thoughts on “Jethro’s Nokota® Ruminations vol 1:1

  1. Thank you 😀 i was wondering about reblogging and blog etiquette but am so naive to such things… where are all these French words coming from 😉 anyways i appreciate your share and thought and hoped it was good to use your photo of Lucky Dust, it did link to your own blog if people clicked the link, right? At the time i didn’t know how to upload photos yet and wanted to include something historic and natural so it felt like the perfect solution to steal from your blog 😉


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