Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

20131229-122118.jpgThe joy of living with horses can be illustrated in many ways. This is Bluebell Star our blue roan Nokota mare trotting the perimeter of her pasture one beautiful summers day earlier this year.
By coincidence, Zane Grey, the author of “Valley of Wild Horses” published in 1927, actually wrote a piece that fits almost exactly as a description of Bluebell, our joy of life. So I must share this quote with you all. The set involves a wild horse roundup back in the eighteen hundreds and it seems like the horses had a fair chance to get away, which feels more appealing.

”Regular lot of broomtails,” yelled Blinky to Pan. “Ain’t seen any yet I’d give two bits fer. Reckon, as always, the good hosses got away. But Pan inclined to the opinion that among so many there were surely a few fine animals. And so it proved. Pan’s first choice was a blue roan, a rare combination of color, build and speed. The horse was a mare and had a good head. She had a brand on her left flank. Pan rode around after her, here, there, all over the field, but without help he could not turn her where he wished.”


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