Need for horses

wernernokota 073One of the first days of spring travels towards dusk and the horses senses the great mystery. The moist condenses into a faint haze that embraces the muddy grassland. A growing but muffled sound of hooves against the ground interrupted by the strained exhalation from running horses calls to me from within. The comforting and soothing smell of warm horses that fills the air just as the mare runs by within five feet, is time-stopping.

wernernokota 063The experience of being close to free running horses has marvelled humans for millennia;

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears”.

Horses were once unquestionably important to human life;

“She who owns horses goes where she wants”.

Today the ancient need of horses for labour and transportation is forgotten and the age of information-sharing keeps humanity indoors disconnected from nature and the great mystery.

wernernokota 090

But the greatest task of all still remains for the horse; the job to teach.
We desperately need the horse to teach us what nobody does better; to sense the true value of nature and the great mystery.

13 thoughts on “Need for horses

  1. yes – we learn from the horse – to control our emotion – to think and be beyound ourselves – to know the beauty of a foreign mind – ( and sometimes to cuss like crazy )


  2. I agree! I teach in a community where I think most of the kids are “indoor people.” They are behind computers, listening to iPods, playing on their tablets. We take them to Catalina Island to a very rustic (sleeping in gross tents) for one week. They love the wildness of being outside (and snorkeling and kayaking). I think we should match up all the unwanted horses of the U.S. with kids in urban schools and have some kind of enrichment program that gives the horses a home and kids something to do beyond looking at a screen. That was my little epiphany I had while driving to work this morning. I like to dream/scheme.


  3. Very well said! It is kind of magic being around horses in spring, with all that explosion of power and joy. I consider myself very fortunate that I can witness this.


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