A deeper trust

2012-04-29 160

Whilst convention implies, worthy horses will walk thru fire;

Indigenous equines is inclined to receive every beck and call.

Necessarily by need a pony blindly must follow its leader,

Dearly in deep opposition I declare; one-way trust is obedience,

For an obedient horse is an unsafe fellow, I frankly foretell.

Leisurely listen and lament; a horses’ senses is much sharper than yours,

Once overlooking a pony’s’ ominous senses, her soul will be lost;

Wisdom is to not throw away what we want not be without.

Every well-broke steed may break, but genuine trust bows by the breeze.

Rest calmly in Windflowers arms; sweet daughter and filly, bonded by trust.

Writing 201
The third day’s assignment was prompted “trust” in the “acrostic” form and device “internal rhyme”.

15 thoughts on “A deeper trust

  1. Yes!! That picture is a treasure. You brought across your connection with the animal beautifully. I see you trust that animal, sounds like a beautiful partnership


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