Ode to the Heart of my Rose

wild prairie rose 2015-02-22

O’ Wild Prairie Rose stretch out, what a glorious day
You, the sweetest enchantress of this northern land
Canter from hither to dither and far and away

The nest where your heart resides is carved by hand,
Crafted in Dalbergia Abbreviate; a rosewood chest
There’s nothing in this widely world it cannot withstand

While spring-like warmth upon the grass as you rest
Awakens a reluctant dweller in this work of art,
Your heart; it waits and breathers like an unwilling guest

My rose, my horse I feel your pounding heart
The chest is strong but will not take much more
When spring is here it strikes like Amors dart

Then your eager heart rips out the weakest drawer
And escapes with a powerful neigh of a ghastly roar!

Writing 201
The eighth day’s assignment was prompted “drawer” in the form of an “ode” and to use the device “apostrophe”.

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