Now winter rules softly

Now around midday the sun struggles to keep her chin above the horizon. The frost covered world joins the battle against darkness and bounces every photon from side to side. In a few hours the sun cannot keep up her eyelid anymore. The night shift belongs to the full moon, refreshed and with steady precision he mirrors her light back to our world. A brilliantly directed symphony that cheats darkness on the seasonal drawbacks of a 60°8’N latitude.

Our horses enjoys the tranquility created through cold clear skies and absence of wind. All soundwaves are attenuated by snow and frost; creating a feeling of safety to all prey animals. A cold silent “now” enhances the soft touch of sunbeams against the horses natural winter coat.

A good end to an eventful year and promises of a good new year in the making.



8 thoughts on “Now winter rules softly

  1. Beautiful prose. I am familiar with the calm and stillness of cold. I have a pleasant memory from winter in my youth, going down to the barn at 4:00 AM in late December. I wandered out into the pasture and found my horse standing in a wooded patch with pine trees. It was snowing. No wind, all was hushed and quite. The horse and I stood there for quite a while watching the snow come down in the early morning darkness.

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