Thought of the day

Horses are not humans; a phrase most horse people have heard before. Meaning horses do not react at all like humans do, very true of course and obviously a very important lesson in horsemanship. Yet it does depend on what kind of human we refer to.


A mystery?

Yes this is oats, strong and beautiful, but who planted it? Not me; are we talking fairies and elves or what? The truth is that our nokota horses planted it, with some help of course.

Horses love oats, so they tend to eat it fast and fail to chew it well enough. Whole oat grains are hard enough to resist the equine digestive system. When the oats comes out it is intact and well embedded in fertilizer; perfect conditions for growth, just add water and sunshine and you will have an oat field noone can beat.

Lessons learned:
The amount of digestible nutrition in the form of proteins, fat and energy contained in oats horses actually do digest, might be overestimated. Meaning; rolled oats is probably far more useful if you want to get the most out of the feed. However, if you want to use oats as a treat for a horse who doesn’t really need the extra nutrition, whole oat grains may not be such a bad idea. Especially as the unchewed grains may be recycled so to speak ūüėČ
It seems that there is a huge difference in digestability between natural grasses and legumes as compared to cultivated and dried oat grains.

An appeal for Nokota¬ģ Circle of Life

2012-09-15 128

As a member of the Nokota¬ģ Horse Conservancy, I am dedicated to saving the Native Nokota¬ģ Horse through Education, Preservation and Promotion. This year pasture lease has tripled and adding that to last year’s drought has left¬†118 Nokotas¬ģ at risk for a future. This membership drive has been created to increase¬†immediate¬†necessary funds as well as awareness of the Nokota¬ģ horses.

Please join the¬†Nokota¬ģ Circle of Life¬†for just $25.00. ¬†Please go to (link to¬†Nokota Circle of Life¬†)¬†to help ensure that these beautiful and trusting creatures have a future.

Thank you in advance,
     Mikael Werner and family
¬† ¬† ¬†Volunteer, Nokota¬ģ Horse Conservancy¬†member, ¬†Nokota¬ģ owner
P.S. Please help us prevent another great American tragedy from unfolding on the plains of North Dakota. Just 1 click (link to¬†Nokota¬ģ Circle of Life¬†)¬†and you can help us continue to support the Nokotas¬ģ, a living¬†American Legacy.¬†Please¬†forward this to everyone you know who might care that these animals have enough to eat and a place to spend the winter.¬†
**This level of membership will receive one complimentary copy of the Nokota¬ģ News newsletter.

Nokota¬ģ Horse Facing Imminent Danger

The Nokota¬ģ Horse Conservancy is now in urgent need of donations for hay. Due to last years drought and an unusual long winter the rising prizes for hay is causing danger for the Nokota horses. With many weeks left until the pastures are ready for grazing a catastrophy may be closing in on the Nokota horses.

If funds for hay do not turn up soon it may come to the need of disposal of horses and many hard choices has to be made by the hard working people at the Nokota Horse Conservancy.

Please help, even small donations may do all the difference!

More information at The Nokota Horse Conservancy.