Horses and roe deers

Late this afternoon a roe deer came for a visit and a snack of fresh grass. The horses made no business of that, probably didn’t want to scare her off. After a while the roe deer walked under the electric fence and back into the woods. Last summer she (or some of her “collegues”) had two kids grazing in the pasture all summer, we saw them last week too. Good grass tends to be popular.

A picture and some words

A picture can say more than a thousand words.

I don’t know who said it first, but the statement is something of a riddle, because the number imposes a limit of words while a picture is unlimited in size and content. Ive’ been working with technical drawings all my life and know for sure that even a relatively small picture can say a lot more than a thousand words in a universal language, but also that a picture can leave a thousand words unsaid.

By that I mean that some pictures are only correctly understood if accompanied by words, if one wants them to be interpreted in a certain and precise way. On the other hand, take any DVD-players or cameras user’s manual and you soon realize that no picture and no words in it will ever make you understand how the damn thing is supposed to work, the only way is to try by doing, trial and error.

Of course a book without pictures can indeed paint greater pictures in ones brain than any artist or photographer can create, when the art of writing is the goal by itself. A picture is easier and more natural to take into our conscience. In order to understand words, we need to learn how. That’s why small children’s books has pictures only, then we move up to pictures and words, finally we have learnt to read words so good that the words make the pictures for us.

Now, what can we say about this here picture? Well, it is not arranged or manipulated in any way. I went out early in the morning to feed the horses and then back in again for breakfast and a cup of tea, got stuck by the laptop for an hour or so, went out to a clear sunny day to clean up after the horses. After a while I spotted them in the pasture beneath the barn and rushed in for the camera, walked out and shot a picture from long range. As I walked closer both of them noticed me coming, but not more than that, so I took some more pictures, this is one of them.

So, how did I react? Well, I suppose I should have been a bit worried, what if something sudden scared the horse, it could be dangerous! Yeah, well not this horse and not this girl. The horse feels safe enough to sleep, not in spite of the girl resting against her, but because of the girl being close and that they trust each other. If kids grow up like this I think they get a good feeling of what is important in life and I mean both of the kids, the girl and horse.

If we want to save our world, this planet, we must like all of it including ourselves. It’s like the old Indian proverb; “Talk to the animals and they will talk back and you will get to know each other. What you don’t know you fear.”


Now another update about how our horses are doing. This will be in fewer words, though. Windflower Dancer is as close to being ready for a rider as it gets. Bluebell Star is now ready for a saddle, so she is not far behind. The warm dry weather is helpful, making the horses feel at home. They don’t mind snow and storms, but they just love warming sunshine.