Wernernokota DSC_0013 (2)

Up here in northern Scandinavia daylight hours are scarce at this time of year, or rather substituted by an elongated dawn and dusk. The warm colors of sunrise and sunset blurs the edge of shadow and gives a gentle touch to all and everything.

Our red and blue roan Nokota horses display a wonderful luminous glow as the mixture of white and colored hairs in their coat fuses the sunlight.

It made this November day a little brighter.

wernernokota CSC_0093

wernernokota CSC_0097

An entry for WPC “Shadowed”

9 thoughts on “Shadowed

  1. Beautiful post, and I love the slightly pinkish light we get,here in Scotland too, as the days shrink away to tiny slivers of light. The horses look beautiful in the light and the long low shadows, and I just love that quote💕

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  2. That is a wonderful quote to match those beautiful horses! I’ve never been so far north to experience the shortening of days and lighting that you do, but the description is lovely. Every place has its own grace and beauty.

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